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Business Law

At Mestdagh & Wall we serve a diverse and extensive community of Central Florida clients in a variety of business transactional matters. Our attorneys go above and beyond the practice of law and provide clients with strategic advice and guidance. This business insight and experience is based upon the collective experience of this highly skilled legal team.

We Support our clients with the following Business Law services:

Business & Asset Purchase & Sales
Entity Formation
Judgment Collections
Mergers & Acquisition
License Transfer
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Business & Asset Purchase & Sales

On behalf of clients, we frequently participate in the negotiation of terms and the closing of business asset purchase transactions. Our attorneys customarily prepare asset purchase and sale agreements and related documents.

Mestdagh & Wall can manage or participate in all aspects of due diligence and analysis activities, including property assessment and valuation considerations, good standing and active status verification, and much more.

Entity Formation

We assist in the selection and organization of a business entity including limited liability companies, family limited partnerships, limited and general partnerships, S corporations, and C corporations.

Mestdagh & Wall often assist with the drafting of agreements governing the ownership and management of a business entity, including limited liability company operating agreements, partnership agreements, corporate by-laws, shareholder agreements, owner buy-sell and equity redemption agreements. We also regularly advise clients in matters of federal income and estate taxation, and provide counsel related to structuring ownership and management affairs to yield greater tax efficiency.

Judgment Collections

Mestdagh & Wall recovers payment on unsatisfied judicial judgments on behalf of judgment creditors.

We have advanced asset-tracing capabilities and, if necessary, employ licensed investigators to locate a debtor or assets. We will conduct a discreet, thorough investigation to uncover assets or sources of income, and use proper legal means to attempt to seize them. Collection efforts include garnishing wages and bank accounts, and seizing assets as necessary to collect the money to which you are legally and justly entitled.

Mergers and Acquisition

The transfer of ownership of a business may result from events such as retirement, an opportunity for sale or acquisition, or the desire to combine the talents of two enterprises.

Mestdagh & Wall counsels clients as to the structure of such transactions, to determine whether a merger or an acquisition may be more favorable to the client, based upon attendant tax consequences, existing legal responsibilities, and potential future client exposure.

License Transfer

In the process of starting a business, one of the many things that needs to be done is making sure you have the necessary permits and licenses for your business. We can help ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to be in compliance with the government’s rules and regulations.

The type of business license or permit that you need depends on the type of business you operate. But the overarching purpose is the same: to identify your business and to ensure that you are accountable for its actions; to protect the public health and safety; and to keep track of the payment of taxes.

Mestdagh & Wall has successfully represented businesses in Central Florida, making sure they are compliant with their permits and licenses. Call us today to learn more about the how we can help you.

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