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International Tax and Planning Practice

At Mestdagh & Wall, P.A., we bring under one roof a wide variety of experience and resources to meet the international legal needs of our foreign and domestic clients, whether businesses or individuals. The complimentary skills, including the ability of some of our attorneys to speak multiple languages, allows us to help successful companies and individuals navigate both the global economy and an international lifestyle. Our firm is positioned to assist foreign companies establishing and maintaining a presence in the U.S. or otherwise subject to U.S. laws; and to advise foreign individuals pursuing business and personal interests in the U.S.

Business Services

Our attorneys can help companies with services ranging from entity formation to business success planning in the international context. We are attentive to the special needs of our business clients who operate in more than one country. We understand that their environment is marked by differing tax laws, governmental regulations and business customs.

Our experience with U.S. international tax law allows us to help foreign companies understand the complex U.S. tax rules that apply to income generated from such U.S. business activities, as mergers, acquisitions, investment in subsidiaries, joint ventures, licensing arrangements, and others. We can also advise on potential exposure to U.S. taxation of non-U.S. sourced income. We are able to determine the most tax advantageous arrangement for conducting U.S. operations – whether through U.S. corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, or business trusts. Further, we have the ability to advise foreign companies of applicable employment and withholding tax obligations arising from their U.S. activities.

International Taxation of Individuals

Our attorneys are able to help foreign individuals understand their exposure to U.S. federal and state income taxation on income derived from investment and business activities in the U.S. and help clients determine whether exposure may be reduced by conducting U.S. activities through controlled entities and/or off-shore entities.

Our firm has extensive experience with FIRPTA withholding taxes imposed on the sale by foreign persons of interest in U.S. real property.

We can also help foreign persons understand the tax consequences of their activities in the U.S., which potentially can include U.S. taxation on all income, whether sourced in the U.S. or in foreign countries.

Our attorneys have worked with numerous U.S. taxpayers with undisclosed foreign bank accounts, helping them understand their risks of criminal and civil penalties and actions needed to comply with U.S. tax laws.

International Inheritance & Estate Planning

Whether you live in the U.S. and are inheriting from a decedent in a foreign country or live overseas and are inheriting from a U.S. decedent, our attorneys can help you. We can also help you plan for estate succession in the international situation, whether the assets are in more than one country, or the citizenships and/or residence are multinational.

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