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Litigation Law

Mestdagh & Wall is comprised of experienced trial attorneys dedicated to the litigation needs of individuals and businesses in Florida. Our attorneys handle the full spectrum of commercial litigation and are known for their highly personalized approach to litigation, working within a client’s objectives and budget. The areas of commercial litigation we focus on all aspects of litigation, including not limited to:

We Support our clients with the following Business Law services:

Contract Disputes
Business/Shareholder Disputes
Construction Disputes
Insurance Defense
Commercial & Residential Foreclosure
Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Contract Disputes

Most business litigation arises over a contract dispute or breach of contract. Often, one side fails to live up to their end of the bargain, or tries to get out of their obligations.

Other times, there is a poorly written contract with ambiguous terms and you need to know how your contract might be interpreted by a court in order to evaluate your rights and options. Or, a situation could arise that no one imagined when the contract was drafted, and there is a difference of opinion about how to interpret the contract. Mestdagh & Wall’s attorneys have your best interests in mind when navigating these complicated situations.

Business Litigation/Shareholder Disputes

Running a business is complicated, and creating a product or service that serves a need and competes with others can be difficult. Lots of things have to go right, and many things can go wrong. Our representation of clients in business matters includes business torts, fraud, corporate and shareholder disputes, officer and director liability, and commercial disagreements.

If your dispute can be negotiated favorably, that will be our strategy. If the issues are suitable for mediation or another method of alternative dispute resolution, we will pursue it. If litigation in court is the only way for you to achieve your goals, we are ready to pursue this route zealously.

Construction Disputes/Defects

Disputes between a contractor or a construction company and a customer are all too common. Disputes often arise out of delays in getting the work done, defective work, or delayed payments.

Construction disputes can be complex, expensive affairs. No matter the method used to resolve your dispute, you need an attorney who can help you explore your options, pursue or defend your claim, and meet your needs and best interests. Our attorneys have vigorously represented general contractors, subcontractors, materialmen, suppliers, and owners in the following areas of claims and lawsuits:

Breach of Contract
Bidding and change order
Quality of workmanship
Performance and payment
Liens and payment bonds

If you are involved in a construction dispute and are dissatisfied with its progression, do not wait.

Insurance Defense

At Mestdagh & Wall, our attorneys have handled a broad range of insurance defense cases, from automobile accident defense, to declaratory judgment actions, to premises liability. We represent individuals and corporations. We work closely with our clients and are responsive to their needs and requests. We are pro-active and provide up-to-date status reports so our clients remain apprised of how their cases are progressing. Each case is unique and requires individual attention. Sometimes a pre-suit mediation is the recommended strategy. Other times, a thorough investigation of a Plaintiff’s case is required. This allows us to significantly reduce the value of a case, and then settle without an expensive trial. If a trial is required, our attorneys are ready to take a case to a jury and seek a favorable verdict.

We offer legal counsel and representation in the following insurance defense areas:

Construction defect claims
Automobile Accident Defense
Premises Liability

If you would like to speak to one of our skilled and experienced insurance defense attorney.

Commercial & Residential Foreclosure

Due to the current status of the real estate market in the United States, foreclosures remain high. If you are an individual or a lender that is seeking representation in defending against a foreclosure or enforcing your foreclosure rights, turn to the experienced foreclosure attorney at our office.

Mestdagh & Wall's attorneys are skilled and professional, and take the time to assess a homeowner’s or a lender’s situation and determine the best way in which to proceed with the foreclosure.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Landlord Tenant law is a complex area of the law. At Mestdagh & Wall, we understand the intricacies and procedures that need to be followed when representing a landlord or tenant. For example, incorrectly issuing a Three-Day Notice that does not comply with Florida law may cause a landlord to be liable for its tenant’s attorney’s fees. At Mestdagh & Wall our clients range from the individual landlord or tenant to large domestic and international real estate holding companies. Whether small or large, we provide the same quality, attentive and individualized level of service.

For the greatest possible result in enforcing your lease rights or defending them, it is strongly recommended that you have an experienced landlord/tenant attorney represent you. At Mestdagh & Wall we can assist with your landlord/tenant matter.

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